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21 People

30 Miles from Delaware

A Box Called Grace

A Comment About the Dress

A Formidable Number of Men

A Priest, a Rabbi, and a Mentalist

A Skilled Connection to Red Kites

A Very Detailed Plan

A Walk In Summer Shoes

All the Flower Ladies

Amber Seems Happy Today

American Boys

An Arrogant Mess

An Ordinary Sense of Urgency

and How It's Kept

and I Said

and Never Passing the Cashier

and So Are You

and Thank You or Nothing

and That's How a Wave is Defined

and That's How it Got There

and That's How Property is Defined

and That's How the Other Sheep was Found

and That's How the Wolves Get Into Town

and That's How We Found the Trap Door

and That's How You Make Sauce

and That's Why the Moon is So Bright

and The Average Remain Fugitives

and the City Follows Her Hand

and The Men That Watch Her Drink

and Then We Can Start Again

and Then We Guessed it was Cake

and They Were Kissing, Too

and We Wonder How it Got Away

Another Blue Plan

Another Charming Man

Another Crooked Wheel

Another Decision About Parking Lots

Another Delivery of Fruit

Another Fantastic Car Ride

Another Fascinating Topic

Another French Apple

Another Man Finds His Way Home

Another Reason to Believe Kay

Another River Town

Another Set of Round Horses

Apples And Trees

As Belle Sees Fit

As Gravity Finds Its Center

As He Says

As it Becomes a Great Distraction

As the Lines Get Bigger

As the Patriot Dances for the Moon

Autumn in a Yellow House


Because He Got Stuck by the Gate

Because it Keeps Away Bears

Because it was Made With Stripes

Because It's Better than Six

Because Our Bags Match

Because That's How Lions Creep

Because that's Where People Come In

Bells Chime

Beyond the Blue Curtain


Blame the Alcoholic Judge

Books or Ledgers

Boundless Love

Breeding Finer Horses

Buckets Filled for Foxes

Butterfly John

Cake Mix

Castles and Modern People

Chase Roger, Chase Paul

Check the Garden for Smells

Chicken and Rice

City Mice

Climbing Trees

Cock-Eyed Smile

Coins for a Fountain

Come On Evelynn, Let's Go

Come on You Flowers, Let's Watch the Sun Go Down

Concerning Your Disregard


Conversations to Have Again


Counting Up What We Saved

Coupled With

Defined by Theater Doors

Different People Thought

Dinner Music


Do We Have Sticks

Don't Bring Gary to Michigan

Each Day Has Four

Eight on the Twelve Side

Enjoy The Natural Texture

Eric's Out Looking for Hippies

Evelyn and that Coat

Every Time We Don't Float

Everybody's Water Runs Deep

Excuse Me, Boys

Falling Plum Blossoms

Fancy Float Parades

Featuring the French in my Head

Felix and the Boulevard

Find and Hide


First We Need a Dry Erase Board

First You Draw a Keyhole

First, Start With a Brass Tack

Flowers from Your Yard


Forever is Enough

Foundations First

Four Birds Calling

Four Doors Need Four Handles

Four Gentle Children on a Farm

Four More Hours

Four Poles, Three Spaces

Fragments from the First Plan

Frank and Helen Turner

Freight and Salvage

From Morning to Evening


Gary's Left-Handed Plan

Giving Birth to Stan

Go-Go Dancer

Gordon and Mark

Gordon and the Butterfly

Groups of Delicate Men

Guessing with Fingers and Numbers

Happy Drunken Smiles

He Built it for His Dog

He Called it a Pencil

He Calls It a Moustache

He Claims He Can See Underwater

He Does Seem to Interview Well

He Doesn't Like Pictures Either

He Don't Believe in No Kingdom

He Dreams Mostly of Guessing

He Keeps Putting Faith in Girls

He Likes His Puzzles, She Likes Her Trees

He Likes to Keep the Fruit in the Drawer Below

He said Don't Worry, His Name is Dave

He Shines Only for Truth and Justice

He Takes a Hurried Approach

He Tickles There

He was Supposed to Pull the Lever

He Wears a Moon Around His Wrist

He's From Down South

He's Looking For a Wife

He's Trying to Give Her a Look

He's Trying to Think of a Better Word

Hints of Imposition

His Idea of a Free-Born Man

His Name was Smith

His Uncle was Spiritual

Holding Down Sylvia

How Can I Move a Mountain

How Come we Never go There

How Did that Fish Get in Here

How Do Bearings Roll

How He Hums the Symbols for Math

How I Get Through a Door

How Many Holes it Takes

How Things Grow

How to Present Flowers to a Lady

How we Ended up With Solids

Hwy 31

I Believe Heidi's Been Drinking

I Believe I Saw This Day Before

I Can Almost Feel the Tension

I Can Measure Many Things

I Don't Know why You're Sinking

I Forget to Say Which Stairs

I Guess He's the Crying Type

I Hope You Will

I Know it Needs Another Wheel

I Like that You Like Kites Too

I Pretend it's Danger

I See Ballerinas

I Stumble

I Think It's a Sandwich

I Thought We Agreed on Envy

I Used to Use Words Like That

I Was Planning on Using Your Whistle

I Would Like it if You Came Over Here

I'd Hate to Miss the Train

I'm Pretty Sure it's a Roman Thing

If I Didn't Before why Would I Now

If I Plus Them They Sum

Imaginary Oscillators

Inside the Red House

It Doesn't Mean We're Dancing

It Fills Up Quick

It Just Gives Him another Reason

It Once Wasn't a Virtue

It Used to Have Four Screws

It was Discussed, But Never Agreed Upon

It was Just an Assumption

It Was More of a Notion

It Was Supposed to Work Like a Chair

It was the Shipping Department's Responsibility

It's About that Far from Rome

It's Because He Has to Use Both Hands

It's Because He Plays a Lute

It's Because She's Inappropriate

It's Because the Door is Round

It's Because We Ran Out of Money

It's Because We're Still Looking for Paul

It's Either Spring or Summer

It's in Your Best Interest

It's Just a Flower in a Pot

It's Just Another String We Can Curve

It's Kind of Like a Handle for It

It's One of those Big Transitions

It's Quite True

It's Supposed to Have Nutrition

It's the Ginger that Makes It Sing

Jennifer Can Be Seen Running from Side to Side

John Denver

Just Add More Grace

Just Let Me Finish My Damn Box

Just Let the Sinner Catch His Train

Keep What's Mine

Ken and Ken's Rabbit

Kings, Queens and the Drinks They Serve

Kiss Him Once for the King


Larceny, Lust and Prime Numbers

Last Night in Los Angeles

Last Year's Blooms

Let's Ask for Different Sauce

Let's Change Outside of Texas

Let's Feel Fresh Today

Let's Get on this Bus

Let's Give it a Home

Let's Let the Village Work it Out

Let's Mark Wednesday as the Best

Let's Move the Lines

Let's Use a Cotter Pin

Let's Use Wood

Let's Walk Home

Light Cherry


Loaded for Cleveland

Lovers Who Become Malevolent

Lucy's Amazing Beet Garden

Madeline Knows Your Name

Man Parts

Many Friends of Men

Marginal Issues with Paul


Maybe Citrus Would Help

Maybe if you Weren't Holding All them Drinks

Maybe Now We Used Too Many

Maybe We Need Gary's Shovel

Maybe We Should Ask for Sequins

Memories of Pittsburgh

Mercy, Liberty and Twenty-Two Pins

Michelle's Single Cell Theory

Momma Says They're Just Dancers that Haven't Been Saved

Moon Cherry

More Like Stefanie

More Squash than Apples

More Young Ponies

Mostly I Worry about Pocket Space

Move In an Elliptical Fashion

Moves Like A Squirrel

Mr Shiply's Parody


Music On the Radio

My Bike is Too Slow

My Horse is Better

My Love is Pretty

My Whole Saturday

No Thanks, I Already Have Enough to Do Today

Norma Can Get Abusive

Now He's Ready for the Wheel

Now that Everyone is Here

Now that I Found the Words

Now that You're Home

Now we Just Need Some Stairs

Of All the Thoughts in this World

Old Man Jimmy

On the Subject of Saving Paper

One Brown Girl, One Pink Girl, and One Kind of Yellow

One is in the Basement

One Last Leap

One Man Boxing the Other

One of Daniel's Best

One of These Things is Fast

One of Us is Quiet, One of Us is Loud

One Season Out of Four

One Side Left for Jacob, One Side Left for Ron

One Thing Leads to Another

One To The Left, One To The Right and One in the Middle

One's Empty and One's on the Shelf

One's Empty, One's in the Corner

Only When We Follow Buses

Outside Topeka

Patiently for Days

Paul Says Rock, John Says Hammer


Placing Memphis in the Sand

Please Don't Open It

Please Horace, Sing


Poor Boys in Europe

Poor David and the Ill-Fitting Trousers



Put the Boy in Milwaukee

Putting Stamps on Letters

Race Car Racing

Red Barns and Steers

Red Buttons on a Beige Hat

Richard is Wearing Pants

Ride a Narrow Bike

Righteous Happy Soul People

Rooms for Violins

Rosie O'Grady and the Box of Twenty Four Fifty

Rotating Full Grown Men


Said for You and Me

Said on a River in Argentina

Saint John and the Gun

Save Me Some Sin

Secret Hidden Money

Set the Table, Have a Drink

Seven Brothers and Why They Clap

Seven Days Without Grace

Seven Men Throwing Stones

Shake It Under the Blessing Moon

Shane and the Blackbird

She Grew Up from Across the Lake

She Has Another Opinion

She Loves a Boy from Spain

She Never Said

She Said the Moon Moved To California

She Signs Her Name Using Traditional Roman Space

She's Been Busy Thinking About a Pebble

She's Betting on Roses

Show Me Things

Singing and Dancing

Sit Down Boy, Tell Me How You've Been

Small Cities I Am

Smaller Than a Poppy

So You Say

Social Graces

Some Members Objected

Some People Ride in the Middle

Some Sisters and Their Worries

Some Words Start with that Letter First

Somehow the Wheel Ended Up Over Here

Somehow We Ran Out of Tape

Somehow We Seen Him Coming in

Someone Like You

Someone Like You #2

Something to be Something In

Sometimes Jean Stumbles

Sometimes We Call Her Jennifer

Sometimes We Have Sun

Sometimes We Try Knocking

Somewhere There's a Secret Room

Space for Ramp No 9

Spanish Giggles

Special Drawers and Special Handles

Spoke Well and Then Corrected

Stand Like an Imbecille

Steeples, Columns and Secrets

Stories Whispered In Portuguese

Sunlight and Bread

Supposedly He Used Twine

Swinging for a Big Kiss

Take it All

Tales of Grace and John

That Bird Doesn't Know How to Hide

That Flower May Be Spoiled

That's How We Know the Fabric's Right

That's How we Sleep

That's Okay, I Have a TV

That's Very Nice, Thank You Very Much

That's What Rain Does

That's Why We Call Him Lovely John

The Adjacent Olive Tree

The B Stand

The Baffled King

The Bell in the Tower

The Bell is on the Right

The Big Blue Ball

The Big Success

The Bishop

The Black Hat Pretends He Likes the Yellow

The Blanket Covers Zero

The Blind Girl and the Mathematician

The Bookmark Left in the Kitchen

The Canadian Drummer

The Cat and the Dog

The Color of a Pearl

The Conductor's Empty Hand

The Cup Mary Holds

The Dutiful Kiss

The Emissary's Been Counting

The Empty Glass Peanut Jar

The Exact Amount

The Exact Mileage to Baltimore

The Exciting Possibilites of Owning a Franchise

The Fascinating Thing About Rubber

The Faster Part of Dan

The Federalist

The Fedora

The Fellow at the Bar

The Filthy Calculator

The Finest Dancer

The Florist is a Dirty Thief

The Fortune Teller and the Junkman

The Fountain

The Fourth Roman

The Garden Pole

The General's Deaf Dog

The Gentle Shake of May Flowers

The Gypsy Maiden and the Thirty Dollar Violin

The Import

The Johnsons Brought Curry

The Kingdom Needs a Taller Flower

The Last Man Singing

The Lion, the Hound and the Eight-Foot Cedar Tree

The Little Green Shovel

The Little Road Map

The Littlest Guy I've Ever Known

The Living Bread

The Longest Afternoon

The Lovely Girl Keeps Trying

The Message is Coming from Two Men

The Message on the Door

The Mouse, the Dairy and the Farmer's Wooden Knee

The Nearest Dollar Store

The One-Sided Discussion

The Other Funny Thing About Satan

The Other Leg Makes it Steady

The Parasol We Brought to Denver

The Penny and the Jug

The Plumber's Truck

The Potter and the Wheel

The Preacher, his Wife and the Man with the Delicate Smile

The Raisins Made it Worse

The Seduction of a Simple Man

The Shell is There

The Skinny Violin

The Smallest Pieces

The Sour Apple Tree

The Spark Plug Adapter

The Spring Has a Weight Attached

The Stone and the Tree

The Sugar Should Go on the Top

The Switchman's Shack

The Tailor and the Green Dress

The Theft of my King

The Tranquil Nature of an American Truck Stop

The Tree House

The Truth About the Country

The Vase

The Vast Lambs of Middle Class

The Wallet

The Watch

The Weight of Your World

Then and Then

Then the True Equals False

There is a Beast that Lives in the Sea

There Is No Cure for the Busy Bee

There is Sun on the Other Side, Too

There's Always Time for Counting

There's Six White Ponies Coming Down

There's Something Wrong with the Bread

These Friends of Mine

They Call It Chicago

They Say the King's a Man

They Say They Live Underground

Things Written on Paper

This Sweater is Starting to Get Warm

This Time Tomorrow

Those are the Details

Three Birds Amoung the Alibi's

Three Common Numbers

Three Dollars as Opposed to Five

Three Honest Words

Three Smaller Numbers

Three Tangerines

Through the Center of Town

Through the Park, By the Tree

Tiny Hands From Tulsa

To Be With You

To Where as Clark Consults Butterflies

Tomorrow's Tallest Buildings

Try Combing It

Twelve Times Makes it a Game

Twisted Like Knots

Two Brothers Carry a Sign

Two Lovers Kissing

Two Lovers, Stacy and Paul

Two Men Looking Around

Two Posts

Two Voices in a Long Room

Up Above Your Head

Up from the Kitchen

Use Your Left Hand to Spell Memphis

Valerie Draws a Line

Vibrations of a Similar Type

Walking Forward in Mexico

We All Thought the Horse Was Named Mike

We Decided the Switch Must be Fine

We Just Need a Bigger Stone

We Just Need Another Decimal

We Just Need Another Switch

We May Need More of These

We Need to Keep it Straight

We Should Put it In a Jar

We Used Both in One Sentence

We Value Trailers

We're Offended by Bad Dreams

We're Supposed to Water them First

We're Very Good at Planning

What a Day it Will Be

What Love Can Endure

What the Neighbors See

What We Do in Water

What we Do on Buses

What We Invest In

What Will We Do for String

When 12 Men Formed a Loop

When a Hallway Has a Door

When Daylight Gets Connected

When Even is Found

When He Comes Back, He's Gonna Marry Me

When He Mingles with Certain

When I Plant a Garden, I Make Sure it's Square

When Luck Finds Money

When Maine Builds a Tower

When Scratched in the Sand

When She Talks to Ken

When the Counting Returns to Zero

When the Sexy Kicks In

When We Decide Division was Wrong

When We Sit with Average

When We Stop it from Shaking

When You Got Women Around

Where There is a Shepherd, There is a Lamb

Whilst in the Tub

With a Glass of Bourbon

With a Stumble and a Sigh

With Her Sexy Voice

Words that Rhyme

Years Ago

Yellow Horses and History

You Need a Special Stick

You're Very Coy

Your Hands are Empty Now